How does it work?


When you are on the Learning platform register on the system by using your Email address and create password, complete your personal details then click register.


Check your email and click on the link that the system has send to you as this will confirm that it is you.


Go to the Course that you want you do and click on the Course Name and not the picture, this will take you to the Course page where you can read about the Course. On the right-hand side of the page go to ADD to Cart and click, on the next page you can complete your personal details Click small block at bottom of page and accept our Terms and Conditions and  Place Order. The system will generate one more page where you must enter your payment details. Once payment is confirmed by the system your Course will be available to start.


Go to your course and on the right-hand side of the page you will see tab Continue, when you click on the tab the system will activate your course. after that click Start to Start your Course.

When you have completed your course quizzes you can now submit your answers, remember you can go back and change answers on previous questions before you submit, if you are done press Finish and you will see the results of your quizzes. Remember to click next at the bottom of the Page to complete your Assignments. When you have completed an Assignment remember to save and submit your Assignment, the Assessor will assess and mark your answers and you will be notified about the results via email.

You will be notified by the Assessor about the final outcome of your Course result.